Celebrating wins & exploring challenges together

On the second Tuesday of every month, we get together as group of community builders for a coffee hour.It’s a casual, fun time to share a bit about the communities we’re part of or the ones we’d like to start, learn from our community-builder peers, and just meet each other :)

data science community builder coffee hour

All are welcome to join in the discussion or listen-in. If you’d like to add it to your calendar you can do so here. You can also meet other community builders ahead of the monthly call in our Slack group. If this link expires and you’d like to join, please let Rachael know.

We discuss some of the challenges included below:

Community engagement

  • How can we help people become more comfortable speaking at community events?
  • Ensuring that we all have a diverse set of people and perspectives to lead discussions
  • How do we decrease the barrier to entry to speaking?
  • Data science leaders have imposter syndrome as well - can we lean into that to help others?
  • How to engage both beginners and experts?


  • What mediums are most helpful for engagement?
  • Potential formats for community events: office hours, presentations, structure vs open-ended?


  • How to ensure community members have protected time to learn?
  • What are some tips for building relationships with others across the company?