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Data Science Hangout

The Data Science Hangout is a gathering place for current and aspiring data science leaders every Thursday at 12 ET .

The goal is to foster a space where we can chat about popular data science topics each week. No hard agenda or predetermined talk tracks: just an expert or two willing to share their perspectives on what’s really going on in data science at an organizational level.

Please note that these sessions are also recorded. Check out the Data Science Hangout site for all recordings, clips, and upcoming speakers.

The Enterprise Community Meetup is a friendly environment for teams to share the work they are doing within their organizations, teach lessons learned, and meet others every Tuesday at 12 ET.

Please note, these events are open to all teams - regardless of industry, company size, etc. You can use the calendar above to add upcoming events to your own calendar or also join the Meetup group here.

The Meetup recordings are shared to the Posit YouTube as well.

♥️ All are welcome - no matter your industry/experience ♥️ No need to register ♥️ It’s always okay to join for part of a session ♥️ You can listen-in, join-in the conversation, or ask questions anonymously ♥️

If you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Rachael Dempsey