Data Science Hangout

Monthly Demos

Posit Community Forum

A gathering place for the whole data science community - including current and future data science leaders - every Thursday at 12 ET. Join us live to chat about data science leadership and questions you’re all facing.

There’s no hard agenda or predetermined talk tracks: just an expert or two willing to share their perspectives on what’s really going on in data science at an organizational level.

Check out recordings, clips, and upcoming speakers here.

The last Wednesday of every month at 11 ET, we walk through an end-to-end data science workflow and demo the core functionality of Posit Team: Posit Connect, Posit Workbench & Posit Package Manager.

These sessions will show you how to do things like schedule reports, use pins for consistent data in multiple pieces of content, automate emails to notify people of updated reports, create an API, and much more.

Each session is recorded and shared here.

A site for discussions about all things Posit. The goal of is to provide a friendly space for questions about things like the tidyverse, Shiny, etc. and to coordinate knowledge about best practice for installing, configuring, and managing Posit products.

Posit employees and the broader community frequent the discussions to help one another.

You can use the calendar below to add individual events to your calendar or subscribe in the right-hand corner to be notified of every event.

♥️ All are welcome - no matter your industry/experience ♥️ No need to register ♥️ It’s always okay to join for part of a session ♥️ You can listen-in, join-in the conversation, or ask questions anonymously

If you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Rachael Dempsey