Welcome to the RStudio Team system administration training course.

During this course you will build a sandbox environment that runs the RStudio Team products:

You will configure all three products to work together.

Getting started

Title Presentation Exercise
Getting started [Link] [Link]

Installing R

Title Presentation Exercise
Installing R [Link] [Link]

RStudio Server Pro and Security

First, you get set up with a virtual machine that you will use for the training. Then you install R and RStudio Server Pro, followed by a discussion on security and configuration of LDAP.

Title Presentation Exercise
Installing RStudio Server Pro [Link] [Link]
Authenticating [Link] [Link]
R startup and binary packages [Link] [Link]

RStudio Connect

Install and configure RStudio Connect, and learn about the deployment and sandboxing model of Connect. Use Connect to deploy apps, reports and REST APIs.

Title Presentation Exercise
Installing RStudio Connect [Link] [Link]
Configure RStudio Connect [Link] [Link]
Understanding Connect deployment [Link] [Link]
Deploying Shiny Apps [Link] [Link]
Deploying Reports [Link] [Link]
Deploying APIs [Link] [Link]

RStudio Package Manager

RStudio Package Manager is the solution to enterprise package management for R packages and Python libraries. In this session you install RStudio Package Manager, configure some sources and set up repositories.

Title Presentation Exercise
Installing RStudio Package Manager [Link] [Link]
Configuring RStudio Package Manager [Link] [Link]
Using Repositories with RStudio Package Manager [Link] [Link]
Using Packages from RStudio Package Manager [Link] [Link]

Trouble shooting

Session 8 is a general trouble shooting session, where you encounter some of the best practises recommended by our support team.

Title Presentation Exercise
Troubleshooting [Link] [Link]