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Interactive Analysis with Shiny

Phil Bowsher

Free & Open-Source Software…

For data science, scientific research, and technical communication….

To enhance the production and consumption of knowledge by everyone,

regardless of economic means.

PBC & Name Change

Posit believes that corporations should be run for the benefit of all of their stakeholders including employees, customers, and the community at large. Consequently, posit is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) and a Certified B Corporation®

Python Pandas creator Wes McKinney joins Posit

  • Building Open Source, Sustainably
  • “I believe the company’s mantras of technical excellence, sustainable growth, and supporting the public good position it to be a force for progress and innovation in the data science world for many years to come.”
  • “As I considered how I could best position myself to continue making an impact in the open source data science ecosystem for a long period of time, the choice was obvious

Code-First Data Science

\[ \text{Building your analyses with code} + \text{Reproducibility, Adapted, Scaled } \]

Interactive Data Science

Communicate Clearly!

Reproducible Research - Interactive

  • Notebooks (Jupyter)
  • Dashboards (Quarto)
  • Data Visualizations (HTML, Javascript etc.)

Reproducible Research

Tools to Communicate Research

  • Quarto

    • Markdown
    • Scientific and Technical Computing
    • Language Agnostic
    • Various Output Formats

Reproducible Research - Open

Same Content. Many Mediums

Open Source!

  • Dashboards
  • Books
  • Papers
  • Websites


Photo credit: Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Shiny for…

  • Fast Agile Development

  • Enterprise Scalability

  • Incorporate Data Science Workflows

  • Custom Visualizations

Many Ways to Approuch Shiny

Interactive Data Science - UI Editor

  • Reduce time-to-build

  • Still leverage code-based tools

  • Pretty UI

GitHub Copilot in RStudio IDE

Open Source in Pharma

Posit Cloud

Photo credit: Posit Cloud

Posit Cloud

Posit Cloud setup

Shiny in Healthcare

Shiny Healthcare Use Cases

It’s About the People

Open Source And People

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