Bitcoin Demo

These files demonstrate how to use R in a production environment.


  1. ETL [login]. Extract, transform, and load bitcoin data from a web API into the PostgreSQL database.
  2. App [login]. Build a Shiny app that depends on the database.
  3. Website [login]. Embed the Shiny app into a website.
  4. Report [login]. Render and email custom reports on demand and on a schedule.
  5. API [login]. Create an API for other systems to call.

Content generated

  1. Shiny. Host a shiny app that can scale to thousands of end users.
  2. Parameterized R Markdown. Create a report that can handle end user inputs.
  3. Plumber API. Host a scalable API with multiple endpoints and serializers.

Integration points

  1. Web server. Embed Shiny applications with an iframe tag.
  2. Email. Send reports via email.
  3. API call. Call a REST API from the browser.